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Program: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) by Research

A Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) by Research degree at BRAINAE University is an academic degree awarded by universities after completing the relevant steps in research and publication in the area of specialisation

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Benefits of studying at BRAINAE University.
BRAINAE University (BU) grants you a scholarship up to 90% based on country and continent of your home country. Funding and scholarship opportunities in America are great to help international students reduce their educational costs.
Once enrolled with BU, any time you need a transcript, you download it in your account as it is updated by the system for every course passed.
The system allow student to download such academic document via the account without any hardship and delay.

As the credentials of student are kept by the system, the student is able to download a student card via his/her account

Tuition fees are paid based on each course not on other basis line month, lump sum…..
Another answer to why choose BU for study is the uniqueness of its learning system. U.S. universities and colleges may differ from those in your home country in several ways. Class works and exams are all system based with immediate system marking as well.
Each graduate from BU is eligible get a statement of comparability (equivalence) internationally (USA, Europe, Asia and Africa) recognized and registered internationally.
With degree obtained at BRAINAE University, you are eligible to another same level degree by partnering institution. Find list of partners here
Studying in BU as one of US universities will automatically brighten up your chances of a brighter future. Good international exposure, practical knowledge and experiences you gain studying in the US are attributes which are in high demand with employers across the planet.
The most pertinent point that comes to mind while thinking of why study in the BU, is that US is home to some of the most prestigious educational institutions.
Studying in the BU doesn’t just give you only tangible degrees and certificates. Your experience says something about who you are. Sometimes, these characteristics are more influential than your degree.
The BU is the leader in educational technology. You may be fortunate enough to meet, and even study, with the leading scholars in your chosen field. Why not study with the best? Our technology helps a student to handle all educational matters within the system.
A defining feature of BU education system that attracts students is the flexibility it offers. A student has the liberty to select what she/she wishes to study.